The page

This is my personal photo blog. All the photos here are taken by me (unless denoted otherwise).
I am not a professional photographer. I started taking photos at the age of ten. Since then I was taking photos on vacation. A few years ago, I buyed my first SLR. Finally I switched mainly to digital photographing in 2004. This made me carry the camera with me quite often.
I just want to use this page to publish the best of my photos on a special location. I will try to post photos here frequently, but since I have a job to do besides taking photos, some photos might be quite old when I post them.
Feel free to use this photos for private purposes. If you want to use one of the photos for commercial purposes, please contact me.

The person

The equipment

The software

This blog is writte in PHP by myself. It was a project to get in touch with PHP and is maintained irregular. If you want to use it nevertheless, let me know...